I’m Natalia Volkodaeva, an American actor, singer and a songwriter of an Eastern European descent.  I’m here to share with you one of my passions: a passion for storytelling. I believe that sometimes one moment in a story could be worth a thousand lifetimes.. that it is one of the most powerful mediums for connection, reflection, understanding and liberation for us, humans..

Being an artist is a blessing, the most delicious and scariest thing.. it’s about making a reality with what I’ve been given that prompts me for a constant evolution.. and isn’t that the most exciting part in life?!

If I’m not communicating with you from a screen, i’ll make sure I’ll do it in my songs..

So I’m inviting you to be a part of my creative growing process..🤗🤗.

Here are my latest film/TV credits:

Independent film appearances:”Vederci” by Jackson Dalrymple (2023), part of Elizabeth/Lead; “Sins of Our Fathers” by Ashley Marzulla (2022), part of Katherine/Lead;  “Agent Zero” by Jonas Correa (2021), part of Nicole/Lead; “Somewhere Near the Stars” by Alex Coindreau (2019), part of Elizabeth/Lead; “Heart and Soul” by Kat Gueli (2019), part of Mary/Lead; “Silence of the Gun” by You Peng (2019), part of Moon/Lead; “Roads to Olympia” by Ramazan Nanaev (2019), part of Natasha/supporting.

Costar appearances in TV series are “Big Dogs” by Dave Plutt (2019), part of Dagmara and “Sideswiped” by Dan Reisenger (2019), part of Maria, the Nurse.

Theater appearances are: Darkness After Night: Ukraine” (2022/2023) in Theater for the New City; “Fedot’s Tale” by Olga Slavina (2022 and 2019) in Pushkin Hall and “Trojan Women” in Jersey City Theater Center (2019-2018).

When not on set, I write songs and produce music videos (you can find them on my Youtube channel), sing live in NYC , take piano and figure skating lessons and spend time with my family.