September 2019. Feeling like a kid in a candy store:-))) I’m about to finish writing my second song! Writing songs in English is something I started this summer and I’m a bit annoyed with myself about the fact that it took me almost 20 years (moved to the US in 2000) to start expressing myself in my second language . Now I truly know how it is to fly…!

August 2019. We are shooting “Somewhere Near the Stars” this month. A short by talented Alex Coindreau, about parallel universes and how, by a failed scientific experiment, two people swap their lives. My role is of Elizabeth, a wife of a high school teacher, who goes through a hard time with her husband.

June, 2019. Moving forward with my artistic endeavors, I’m a full on producer for a music video for “Push/Pull” song this month. Super excited to take new heights with the best team ever! Also, I’ll be playing the lead part that will start shooting somewhere in July.

May, 2019. This spring season is about music for me and here we come, our second song “Push/Pull” will be released at the end of this month! The same team, but different topic of course, it’s about heartbreak and disappointment, and how we deal with that.

March, 2019. I’m so excited to share my first song “Save It All For You” with you guys! As everything else in the industry, it was a collaborative effort of several awesome individuals: Eren Cannata/Songwriter, John Arbuckle/Sound Engineer, and Richie Cannata, the owner of Sound Cove Studios, who made everything possible. The theme i picked is very dear to me, just like probably to all of us, its about faith. I did a singing part.

March, 2019. “Gauguin”, a short by Andrew Golden. Played the lead part of Olga Dombrowska, a native from Cherkasy, who changes someone’s life in a matter of hours. Performing in Ukrainian was a treat, and i truly enjoyed working with a talented bunch of creatives.

January 2019–  Excited to announce my first Russian speaking role in a hilarious stage production directed by Olga Slavina “Fedot’s Tale” that will be opening in February. I’ll be playing a tzars nanny and a confidant in all his political and not so political affairs. Would love to make you laugh!

November 2018 – What a fulfilling and inspiring month! After two and a half months of rehearsals and 11 shows back to back, I’ve learned that its absolutely  possible to feel recharged after an emotionally draining role.

“Natalia Volkodaeva’s Andomache, widow to the great Hector and mother of Astyanax (five-year-old Naya A. Desir-Johnson), is wrenching in the transition from joy at the company of her son to horror when he is ripped from her for execution.”

October 2018 – My first day of October started with a job I was dreaming about for quite a while: a voice over in a cartoon. The name is “Bullied in a Dog Park” and my part is of a French bulldog who has a French accent. I’m having a blast!

August 2018 – I was delighted to find out that I was cast in a theatrical production “Trojan women”, directed by talented Olga Levina. I will be playing the role of Andromache. Please come and see us in November!

June 2018 – I truly enjoyed sharing about a life of an actor with FFTV/Film and TV Entertainment database that focuses on independent projects.

May 2018 – “Heart & Soul” independent film by Kat Gueli. I was fortunate enough to play a lead part of Mary, a single mother, fighting depression and doing her best to survive.

January 2018 – “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, a mini stage production directed by Aleksey Burago at the Russian Theater Lab. My role was of Pilar Ternera, a free spirited Tarot reader i totally fell in love with.

June 2017 -“Discarded”, a short by Keith Massey. I was cast for the role of Madam Rose, an absent mother who meets her son 17 years later.

July 2017 – “Big Dogs” by Adam Dunn Drama TV series, that reflects an alternate reality of the NYC black market and drug trafficking through the city taxi cabs. I had a blast playing Dagmar – cold, calculating Polish immigrant making her way in NYC.

January 2017 – “Swipe Right” by Dan Reisinger, a hilarious web series about dangers of modern dating. I was cast for the role of a not very social neither helpful Nurse in a gynecologist office.