I’m Natalia Volkodaeva, Natalia Volkodaeva, an American actor, singer and a songwriter of an Eastern European descent.  I’m here to share with you one of my passions: a passion for storytelling. I believe that sometimes one moment in a story could be worth a thousand lifetimes.. that it is one of the most powerful mediums for connection, reflection, understanding and liberation for us, humans..

Being an artist is a blessing, the most delicious and scariest thing.. it’s about making a reality with what I’ve been given that prompts me for a constant evolution.. and isn’t that the most exciting part in life?!

If I’m not communicating with you from a screen, i’ll make sure I’ll do it in my songs..

So I’m inviting you to be a part of my creative growing process..🤗🤗.

Here are my latest film/TV credits:

Independent film appearances: “Sins of Our Fathers” by Ashley Marzulla (2022), part of Katherine/Lead;  “Agent Zero” by Jonas Correa (2021), part of Nicole/Lead; “Somewhere Near the Stars” by Alex Coindreau (2019), part of Elizabeth/Lead; “Heart and Soul” by Kat Gueli (2019), part of Mary/Lead; “Silence of the Gun” by You Peng (2019), part of Moon/Lead; “Roads to Olympia” by Ramazan Nanaev (2019), part of Natasha/supporting.

Costar appearances in TV series are “Big Dogs” by Dave Plutt (2019), part of Dagmara and “Sideswiped” by Dan Reisenger (2019), part of Maria, the Nurse.

Theater appearances are “Fedot’s Tale” by Olga Slavina (2022 and 2019) in Pushkin Hall and “Trojan Women” in Jersey City Theater Center (2019-2018).

When not on set, I write songs and produce music videos (you can find them on my Youtube channel), sing live in NYC , take piano and figure skating lessons and spend time with my family.