Hey guys! Im a Russian born American actress based in NYC. My latest co-star onscreen appearances were in the upcoming TV drama series “Big Dogs” written by Adam Dunn , directed by Dave Plutt (2017), and in a TV comedy series “Sideswiped” written by Carly Craig and directed by Dan Reisenger (2016). The roles were of a social climber , making her way to the top and of an unsympathetic nurse. My latest film appearances were in independent shorts: “Heart and Soul” (2018), written and directed by Kat Gueli and “Discarded”(2017) written and directed by Keith Massey. Both roles were of a single mother. One was struggling and doing her best, another one was absent, meeting her child later on in life. I was honored to earn a “Best Actress” award at Palm Springs Inter-national Film Festival in 2015 for the role of Katrina in “Bristel Goodman” directed Dan Harden. My role was of an escort undercover.

I believe in a continuous training as an actor and if not on a set, I am constantly in a class. After graduating from HB Studio, I’ve worked with Michael Howard/Michael Howard Studio, Lyle Kessler/Actors Studio, Terry Schreiber/Terry Schreiber Studio and Aleksey Burago/Russian Theater Lab.  I’m a Chi Gong/Thai Chi lover and an avid freestyle figure skater.

Thank you for stopping by!